You've come to the right place.

Maybe you've noticed things have been "off" recently. You don't feel like yourself and you don't know when it started. Things have been changing for you, and maybe you don't know how to handle it. Maybe it's your relationship, career, family or health. Maybe it's all of it. You're irritable. You feel disconnected. You're scared things might never get better. You're not used to asking for help. You're searching online because it's easier than asking for help in person. But the internet isn't enough anymore, and you just want someone to talk to who understands.

You can be your hopeful, excited, energetic self again. You can feel more connected to loved ones and get more overall satisfaction out of life. Whatever it was that brought you joy in the past can once again provide fulfillment. Therapy is a supportive space to learn about yourself, what drives you and what makes you unique. Focusing in on yourself, your values, can help you shed what's bringing you down.

Contact me, whenever you're ready, and let's sort it out.

If you're not ready yet, check out the resources and more information about me.